Guest designers

Room11- PatioAlma Crochet

My name is Judit Cottely, I am a silversmith, and the creator of PatioAlmaCrochet crochet hooks. My first silver crochet hook was completed in November 2019. Since then, I have been enthusiastically working on designing and crafting more exciting crochet hooks, including variations in red brass and yellow brass.

I create various types of crochet hooks, including tapered (gradually narrowing), in-line (with a consistent cross-section), double-ended, and ergonomic handle versions. And if you desire something truly unique, I can also provide personalized crochet hooks.

I am delighted to see that more and more people are discovering and using my creations. If you would like to work with a high-quality crochet hook, feel free to visit Room11, where the Art4All team awaits you, and you can browse through a selection of pieces to find the perfect one for you!