Permanent designers

Room11 - SilkbyHajna

Silk, the essence of radiance, delicacy, and enchantment!

Hajna Lőrinc creates unique silk textiles (scarves, shawls, garments) under the name SilkbyHajna. She hand-paints the motifs using techniques like traditional wax batik and other methods. After painting, she fixes the colors with steam. Each piece she creates is unique, with its own distinctive character! She draws inspiration primarily from nature, an endless source, when she paints her organic motifs.

A silk textile is not just a piece of clothing, it is so much more: it gives personality to the wearer! Furthermore, due to its natural composition, it is hypoallergenic, providing an additional protective layer to the skin.

It also makes for an excellent gift; every woman deserves at least one pure silk in her life!