Permanent designers


I am Zsuzsanna Mihállyfy, and I created the ZETAEMME brand out of my passion for curiosity and colors when we moved to England. My first mixed media jewelry pieces were made from recycled metal bases, embellished with threads and various stitches (embroidery, crochet). These later expanded to include a collection of tassel jewelry that plays with color harmonies. In my eyes, jewelry is a message through which we can express a part of ourselves to the world.

With my clean and wearable jewelry designs, I aim to convey cheerfulness, playfulness, and harmony. I believe that we can all reconnect with our inner child, constantly rediscovering the world with openness and delight, delving into its exploration.

Having an environmentally conscious mindset is important to me, and I have always strived for waste reduction and utilizing leftover materials (which is now mandatory as a trained goldsmith, especially for precious metals). I particularly enjoy working on custom requests, where I can collaborate with the client to create the jewelry they have envisioned.