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Room09 Szabá Artroom

The Szabá Artroom was opened in August 2023 by Szabolcs Ráskai, a graphic artist, where he predominantly showcases his and his peers' creations. The exhibition space, primarily paper-based, represents contemporary graphics in a unique way. Alongside wall decorations made with punch needle embroidery technique by Patrícia Nemes, the expanding collection includes clothing accessories and other handmade products.

Have you ever been to Szabá Artroom? Then it's time to visit Patrícia Nemes and Szabolcs Ráskai!

❓What do you do? When was the brand launched?

Szabolcs: As a graphic artist, traditional techniques such as linocut, unique drawing, and a new imaging method called gel print are close to me. I also engage in painting; there are a few small canvas-based artworks of mine in our showroom. Previously, I taught drawing and visual culture, art history, and graphics for about a decade and a half, from elementary school to university level. Szabá Artroom started in August 2023, mostly featuring my works. Besides me, fellow artists also appear, such as my partner, Patrícia Nemes, with her punch needle textile works, Katalin Tényi with her tapestries, and Zita Sramkó, the creator of Artizmoksa's Happy Organs project, complementing the offerings.

Patrícia: I have been involved in creating textile images using punch needle and mixed techniques for over 2 years as a hobby.

🎯What is your mission, why do you do what you do?

Szabolcs: For me, the promotion of traditional graphic reproduction, especially linocut, is important, as well as introducing some pieces of my personal creative career.

Patrícia: I want to bring a little color and softness into homes, and I also try to use textile waste as often as possible in my work in the spirit of environmental consciousness.

💙What is your favorite product?

Szabolcs: Personally, one of my least creations is our joint work with Patrícia, titled "Tolerance Limit," which I designed. It depicts a classic visual motif inspired by summer mass transportation: a barrel-shaped man's belly staring into the viewer's face, telling a grotesque reality. I also really enjoy my series depicting dancing vegetable figures on the walls and shelves of the showroom.

Patrícia: I also really like the vegetable figures, as well as the sloth from the new linocut animal series.

🎨What does Paloma mean to you?

Szabolcs: It means active everyday life in the community, an active space for creation, as we also function as a unique little workshop.

Patrícia: It's a place where we always receive support and help, and we feel that we are needed, useful members of a supportive community. We are not just a brand or tenants of a showroom, but based on our other interests and knowledge, we can bring our personalities into common tasks.