Guest designers

Room11 - Editmabo

„Choose a job that you love doing, and you will never have to work a day in your life!”

I think I have succeeded in fulfilling this age-old wisdom. As a wife and mother, I have found my happiness, and as a jeweler, I have found my vocation. I can create freely, bringing my own ideas and the visions of others to life in the form of jewelry. I established the brand EditMabo with the purpose of creating custom-designed and handcrafted artisanal jewelry for those who appreciate unique pieces and do not want to blend into the masses. Among my products, you won't find two identical pieces. The jewelry is made from silver, gold, semi-precious stones, precious stones, and natural materials. I am also happy to bring individual ideas to life, and even if someone lacks a specific concept, I am here to help transform their thoughts into jewelry.